I have been reflecting upon today and all of it’s commercialism and blown out of proportion expectations.  Today is not my favorite day.  In fact, this is one holiday that I wish would just pass by unnoticed.  I have read a few posts of the last 24 hours that have summed up pretty much how I feel about Mother’s Day.

Now I’m going to put it into my own words.  Today is the day that nearly every mother’s imperfections come out except for the one being spoken about in a church meeting.  This is the day that your house isn’t any cleaner, your children don’t get along any better, and you can’t eat whatever was made with good intentions.

I am imperfect and I will never live up to anyone else’s standards or expectations, but I have been richly blessed with 10 children, 9 living.  Over the years I have made them all angry.  6 of them still live with me and I still continue to make them angry.  2 have children of their own now, and are starting their own journey as mothers.  Another has been on a mission and will be home in a couple of months and will be able to move on in her life as well.  With all of this I know that I haven’t always done things right, I haven’t always been patient or nurturing.  I even made the comment today that I will enjoy Mother’s Day when they are all grown and out of the house.

I think it’s mainly because I don’t like to feel like I’ll never measure up to anyone else and because I don’t know every mother’s trials and triumphs, her ups and downs how can I possibly measure up?  I know my trials and my triumphs.  I know my ups and downs.  I don’t want someone to lavish me with gifts just because I’m a mother.  I just want to know that my children are productive, contributing members of society.  I don’t care if people know what I did good.  I just care that my children know and understand that I love them and am doing the best that I can.  I don’t want the praise of society or even the congregation.  I just want my kids to understand the value of work and gratitude.  I know that the “Thank you’s”  will be few and far between, but when they come they are much sweeter than any boquet of flowers I could get. (That’s my husband’s job anyway ;))

To me I just want time with my family for Mother’s day.  I want to learn and understand my role as a mother better.  I want to better myself and serve those around me.  Not feel like I will never measure up and that I’m a permanent failure.


This blogger puts how I feel into words very well.  But my favorite part about this post is that she wants to acknowledge all women, not just women who have given birth.  And I can say that I can’t agree more.  Why single out the women who have children and make all other women feel unworthy and incomplete.  It’s like salt on an open wound.  That doesn’t make much sense to me.  All women should be honored because each woman offers something different to the children of this world.  I have children who have been touched by women who have never been able to have children.  They have the ability to touch my child’s heart when I cannot.  She is a mentor and loves my child as well.  She should be celebrated just as I am.

As I write this as usual a song comes to mind.  It took me a few to find it.  But this song is what I aspire to be as a mother.

“A Woman’s Heart”  Jenny Jordan Frogley

I know that being a mother is very important.  I know that I need to teach my children, serve them and sacrifice for them.  I don’t always succeed and do things the way they want me to or the way the world thinks I should.  But I keep trying and doing my best and allowing my life to be guided by my Savior and follow his example in all things.  I will always fall short, but as long as I remember to reach out and take his hand he will make up the distance.