We look at everything from some sort of perspective.  We make decisions based off of those same perspectives.  When you look at the big picture of life what do you see?  My picture has been a little hazy lately, but I believe it’s starting to clear up.

I have some pictures hanging up in my living room of my oldest two daughters sliding in a mud slip and slide while on vacation one year.  Some parents may have the perspective that this is not OK.  Me?  Obviously I frame it and hang it up for all to see.  My children make choices that aren’t always the best and we occasionally get the best intentioners opinion on the matter, but I love my children and they are doing their very best.  There are days when I can’t see past the messy bedrooms, the undone jobs, and all my short comings and my perspective gets skewed.  I’m not positive, happy, or fun anymore.  When I get down on myself and those around me I lose sight of what’s most important.  I begin to look at the wrong perspective


The Scrooge in me wants things to be a certain way and I’m completely miserable and I make everyone around me miserable.  I begin to worry about what others think of me and if I’m measuring up to some made up, unattainable goal that no one has set for me.  I worry about the world’s perspective of me.  This is kinda where I’ve been stuck for the better part of my life.  Every so often I come out of this slump and begin to obtain a better perspective, an eternal perspective.


An eternal perspective actually gives me peace.  When I’m looking at life from this perspective I tend to be more positive and easy going.  I know what I’m working towards.  With the world I have no idea what I’m truly working for other than misery.  These are the days that it doesn’t matter to me what state my house is in, but what state my children are in.  I am happier, positive, and sometimes fun to be around.  I don’t try to drag everyone down with me, instead I’m trying to lift them up.  I haven’t always had this perspective, but I do love the peace that comes from it and this is the perspective I want to maintain.