So I decided on Sunday that I’m going to write on this everyday.  Whether I have something awesome to say or not.  I did pretty good the first 2 days and now here I am with nothing to write….and a house to finish cleaning.

I could share pictures of how trashed my house became over the past year.  And I can say it was definitely time to clean things out.  We filled our 2 garbage cans full and then I asked neighbors if they would let us add some to theirs.  We ended up filling up 4 neighbors cans the rest of the way and 2 neighbor cans all the way.  Then I filled one more of ours up after the garbage man came and had him dump that as well.  That’s a lot of junk to get rid of!!!  But I’ll spare myself the embarrassment and just leave it at wow we really needed to clean.

I will say it is nice to go through things and shed things that are no longer of use.  It really is like a weight has been lifted when I do this.  I really need to stick to doing this every 6 months.  Once the house is under control it will be much easier to get other things under control because I won’t be pulled in so many different directions. 🙂